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Invest in Your American Dream:
Our EB-5 Visa Program is Your Perfect Opportunity!

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Why American Industrial Brands is "Of National Interest" and What it means to you?

When a business or company is deemed “Of National Interest,” it means that its operations, activities, or success significantly impact or contribute to the well-being, development, or strategic objectives of a nation as a whole. This designation typically indicates that the government recognizes the importance of the business or company and may offer certain benefits or support to ensure its continued growth and success.

Being considered “Of National Interest” often implies that the business plays a vital role in areas such as national security, economic stability, job creation, innovation, infrastructure development, or other critical sectors. The specific criteria for determining a business or company as “Of National Interest” can vary depending on government policies and priorities.

Meet Our Management Team

Chuck Dockery, CEO

Nick Quattro, CFO

Robert Easter, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Mr. Dockery earned his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and his MBA from the University of Tennessee. Previously he was President and CEO at Briggs. In this capacity, he oversaw product sourcing from foreign markets, secured financing and provided strategic guidance for growth and development of new product lines. Mr. Dockery was a valued member of the Briggs team for nearly twenty-five years, having held various leadership roles, including engineering, quality assurance, and plant management.

Limited Investment Opportunities

Don’t miss out on securing your place in the American Industrial Brands Fund 1, LLC. Join us in shaping the future of industrial excellence while reaping the rewards of your investment. Limited spots available! Act fast and seize this incredible opportunity.

  • Limited Opportunity: Only 16 EB-5 investors will have the chance to participate
  • Potential Returns: The EB-5 Loan provided by the fund bears an interest rate of 8% per annum
  • Repayment Obligation: On the maturity date, the JCE is obligated to repay the outstanding principal amount and any accrued interest
  • Interest Accumulation: Interest payments will accumulate and be made from operational profits on a quarterly basis
  • Safe Investment: This investment opportunity provides a secure and stable option for potential investors
  • Act Now: Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to invest in a new commercial enterprise

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“I support the efforts to preserve Kokomo's manufacturing history. American Industrial Brands is keeping the American Dream alive.”

Tyler MooreMayor - Kokomo, IN

“I would like to extend the support to the efforts of American Industrial Brands to recommission the sanitary manufacturing facility in Kokomo, Indiana.”

Mike KarickhoffIndiana House of Representatives

“Small but mighty: Our investment in Kokomo is a visionary step towards shaping our future. We are confident that Kokomo holds the key to unlocking the potential of tomorrow's economy.”

Chuck DockeryCEO - American Industrial Brands

If you dream of a future filled with success, investing is the first step towards creating your own universe of possibilities. Building your dream requires the determination to invent your own path.